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Founded in 2012 by Quebecer Luce Duchaussoy, Revelox places great importance on the health, beauty and well-being of people. That’s why we bring you innovative products made with exceptional quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. Discover the benefits of these anti-aging agents now!


"It's a miracle in a bottle"

Hello Luce,
I'm writing to follow up with you about the PureHA Advanced Formula product. It's a fantastic and high-quality product. I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, which caused severe eye dehydration, and I used to apply ointment and drops every day. Now, my eyes are well-hydrated, and I no longer suffer from dryness caused by dehydration.
My nails used to split vertically, and I couldn't have nice-looking nails as they would sometimes break even in the middle. But now, that's a thing of the past. My skin has also become much more beautiful due to better hydration, and the hyaluronic acid is doing its job.
Furthermore, as someone who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, I had pains in my hips, hands, and joints in general, but PureHA has also relieved all of that. And I haven't even finished my first bottle yet. I've already ordered my second bottle, which arrived just two days after placing the order. I'm truly delighted with this product, and I can't express how much it has improved my life. I recommend it to every woman aged 50 and over. It's a miracle in a bottle.

Agnes Tremblay

"ALL my joint pains are completely gone"

I would like to take the time to share with you my great satisfaction with the PureHA product.
To my great surprise... ALL... I mean ALL my joint pains are completely gone.
This product is REALLY AMAZING!
Becoming a MUST-HAVE... it's part of my daily routine every morning... plus... IT TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!
A VERY SINCERE THANK YOU for your precious genius that does good!
I'm a satisfied customer!

Josée Paradis

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