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Discover EtikHA; the newest supplement from Revelox

Essential Oils

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Increasingly popular, aromatherapy would provide many benefits on different levels (digestive, respiratory, circulatory health, etc.). Revelox offers you here undiluted and 100% pure essential oils from several regions of the world. Our products are all Ecocert certified, which assures you of exemplary social and environmental practices.


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For the sake of your overall health, Revelox’s various supplements – DermaLux, PureHA, HAxtra, Novisyn +… – contain high quality anti-aging and / or pain-relieving ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. Sensitive joints, friable nails, brittle hair, dry eyes, dull complexion, incipient wrinkles, sagging skin… Choose the formula that best suits your situation! Vegan products. Gluten free.

Collagena Hydrogels

Composed of anti-aging active ingredients such as marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, Revelox collagena hydrogel patches and masks contains moisturizing, refreshing, purifying or toning ingredients. Pleasant to use, our beauty products are perfect for restoring suppleness and radiance to your skin. Take a look at our collection developed in collaboration with the renowned women’s magazine ELLE.


The hyaluronic acid-based cosmetics developed by Revelox are designed to restore hydration to the skin barrier and fight against the natural aging process. In particular, they help relieve feelings of tightness, dryness or irritation. Take the time to read the descriptions: you will be delighted with the benefits announced!

Oral Health Products

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It’s a fact: having good oral hygiene has a positive impact on overall health. As a distributor, Revelox presents you with preventive or therapeutic toothpastes, perfect for taking care of your mouth and its components (teeth, gums, etc.). The Cold & Flu Guard spray, already known and used in Europe, creates a protective barrier in the nose and mouth against viruses and harmful bacteria. To discover !

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