Novisyn +

Novisyn is a scientifically formulated liquid supplement which promotes healthy joints, cartilage and bones. It contains key active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamine C.

PureHA Advanced Formula

PureHA Advanced Formula is a liquid supplement with many benefits. It’s great for promoting thicker hair, stronger nails, radiant skin, healthier joints!

Whitening Face Mask (DermaLight) (At)

Box of 5 hydrogel face mask enriched in hyaluronic acid, marin collagen and active whitening ingredients. (All skin type)

Anti-Aging Hydrogel Face Mask (Crystale)

Box of 5 hydrogel Face Mask enriched with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen and active anti-aging ingredients. (All skin type)

Eye Patches (Crystale) (Aa)

A box of 7 paires of hydrogel patches (All skin type)

Eye Patches & Serum (DermaLift)

A box of 7 paires of hydrogel eye patches and a hyaluronic acid and marin collagen serum. (All skin type)

“Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life in a number of different ways can benefit from taking hyaluronic acid supplements. Studies show that when ingested, hyaluronic acid increases the moisture in the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and provides lubrication for the joints.”

By taking our HA supplements you help to improve your skin and joints as you replenish what your body lost!