The benefits of collagen for osteoporosis

Do you suffer from osteoporosis? This disease, which causes a loss of bone density, is a source of many worries on a daily basis. Indeed, the slightest trauma generally becomes synonymous with a fracture. To cope with this, food supplements based on marine collagen help maintain good bone strength. Discover all the benefits of this essential protein for the proper functioning of your body, joints, skin, hair, etc.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a pathology that results in an acceleration of bone loss over time. Concretely, this disease weakens the extracellular matrix of the body, preventing the bones from renewing themselves properly. In other words, the body is no longer able to ensure bone remodeling and to compensate for the destruction of old tissues by the creation of new ones.

This imbalance mechanically and inevitably leads to a deterioration in bone health. The appearance of fractures is the main risk of osteoporosis, whether at the femoral neck, vertebrae or wrists. More fragile, the bones thus tend to undergo breaks during traumas, however moderate, which would normally have no consequences.

Until the appearance of a bone fracture, it is however complex to diagnose this disease because it does not cause pain as such.

“This imbalance mechanically and inevitably leads to a deterioration in bone health.”

How does osteoporosis develop?

Different factors can explain this phenomenon of bone loss. The first relates to the age of the patients. In other words, the older a person is, the higher the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Indeed, bone mass begins to decrease after 40 years as aging leads to a reduction in the body’s ability to synthesize proteins that are essential for its proper functioning. This is especially the case with collagen.

In addition to the age factor, it appears that women are more sensitive to bone mineral loss. The risk of hip fractures, for example, is therefore higher, especially for postmenopausal women.

Food (lack of acid-base balance, alcohol consumption, etc.), lifestyle (smoking for example) or lack of physical exercise is other elements that come into play. In all cases, this health problem is intimately linked to the lack of calcium in the body. More specifically, calcium binds to the bones through a protein called collagen. The slowing of the production of the latter by the body is often the cause of the disease.

“In addition to the age factor, it appears that women are more sensitive to bone mineral loss.”

How does a supply of collagen help maintain a good mass of bone tissue?

When the body is unable to synthesize a protein which is nevertheless fundamental to it, it is essential to compensate for this lack by taking specific food supplements. In the case of osteoporosis, the same goes for collagen because this will increase the mineral density and therefore reduce the risk of fractures.

Naturally present throughout the body (bones, skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments, etc.), collagen is a so-called structural protein. On its own, it represents about a third of all the proteins present in the human body. Its main function is to regenerate all of these tissues to enable them to resist stretching. Produced from the amino acids provided by protein-rich foods, collagen is also supported by vitamin C.

But when the collagen matrix of the bone breaks down, it cannot remineralized to ensure proper functioning. In addition to practicing regular physical activity to prevent bone loss and the risk of falls, it may therefore be wise to consume collagen in the form of marine collagen hydrolyzed powder to stimulate the regeneration of the matrix.

Marine collagen hydrosol has many benefits for the human body. For example, it can improve the general appearance of your skin, fight against certain symptoms related to old age or even effectively relieve osteoarthritis. In addition to its direct effect against osteoporosis, it is to conclude a precious daily ally thanks to its various virtues.

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