The easiest way to restore dry, stressed-out skin back to its former glory? Hydrogel sheet masks!

We all love a sheet mask. They’re the ultimate pampering accompaniment and they feel somehow more lux than a face mask from a tube

Sheet masks are great at delivering a long-lasting dose of hydration as they can be left on for a good amount of time, and usually contain a bunch of skin-loving ingredients that sink in slowly. 

Sheet masks usually come in two materials: traditional fabric “paper” sheet masks, and the more modern take on sheet masking: hydrogel masks. Hydrogel face masks are essentially sheet masks made from a jelly-like material (often bio-cellulose), which have a pleasing feel on skin. In fact, they are often superior to their cotton counterparts as they have the added bonus of feeling really cooling and refreshing on your face. In short, if you suffer from hay fever, or get very hot during the summer months, these will be your new BFF. They can even be kept in the fridge for extra cool factor. 

Perhaps the only downside of hydrogel face masks is that they can be a touch more fiddly to apply due to their ultra-flexible, slippery nature – but that’s a small price to pay, however, when you consider what you gain from wearing one.

They are typically infused with ultra-hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, meaning dry areas will be left plumped and nourished. 

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